Control Rod Drive Mechanisms

For B&W plants, Framatome is an owner of proprietary data, manufacturer and service provider for Control Rod Drive Mechanisms (CRDMs). Our Control Rod Drive Mechanisms meet the most stringent requirements in terms of manufacturing quality, reliability and service life.

Inventory includes:

  • Position indicators
  • Stator and water jacket assemblies
  • Lead screws
  • Sub-assemblies
  • Complete control rod drive mechanisms
  • Tooling

For other OEM types, the CEDMs manufactured by Framatome Jeumont have proven reliability for long service life, backed by 35 years of experience. Each component is manufactured using materials selected and designed by Framatome.  These materials meet requirements pertaining to:

  • Welding
  • Wear resistance
  • Heat and mechanical fatigue strength

Framatome regularly subjects each of these parts to stringent tests throughout the manufacturing and assembly processes:

  • Mechanical, electrical and dimensional checks
  • Functional tests (cold and rated operating conditions)

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