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Quantum-C Side

New Underwater LED Lighting

Advanced, brilliant underwater LED floodlight that reduces nuclear fuel handling costs by bringing daylight visibility to reactor cores, fuel transfer canals and storage pools

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Hydramotor training

Diagnostics and Continuous Monitoring

Framatome’s electrical signature analysis system, EMPATH, provides early detection of potential motor problems, enabling timely repairs while avoiding serious damage.

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Replacement Cartridge Filters

High-quality replacement filter cartridges that fit existing filter housings without modification, designed and built by Framatome

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Nuclear parts center

Nuclear Parts Center

The Nuclear Parts Center is dedicated to delivering on-time high quality distributed and qualified parts for your safe and reliable operations. Learn more about the products and services from our experienced team.

Services ASCO
Service Center

Your one-stop shop for ASCO nuclear-grade solenoid valves, pressure/temperature switches and Hydramotors. The only authorized ASCO Service Center for overhauling and repairing the NH90 and AH90 series actuators for the nuclear industry.

ASCO Nuclear Group

New product TopWorx Go Switches

Enhance safety and lower costs by eliminating direct contact actuation for applications across the plant

GO switch Family Sep 2019

New product BIRNS Lighting

Brilliant, robust lighting products that are used in more than 80% of the U.S. nuclear power stations