Innovation in Filter Cartridges

Building on nearly forty years of filter design and production, the Nuclear Parts Center (NPC) team is hard at work continuously improving our filter offerings to meet customer needs. Production is underway on filters incorporating new nano technology for sub-0.1 micron filtration for the NPC’s customers seeking to remove colloids and minimize source term. Framatome filters meet our customers’ challenge for security of supply of high-quality filter material that fits in existing filter housings without modification. They are compatible as replacement filters for nearly all historical and current OEMs, including Cuno, PALL and Tri Nuclear filters, and they are delivered with our world-class customer service.

Framatome’s in-house team has designed and built hundreds of common and custom nuclear grade filters to meet the stringent requirements of the nuclear power industry. The team fully understands the requirements for nuclear plant components from our experience supplying nuclear systems. As a result, we not only design for system operating conditions, we also consider the maintenance and operational environments posed by radioactive materials.

Each Framatome filter design is available in a multitude of media types such as glass fiber, polypropylene, FTC’s Nylon-nano and Nanotech’s Nanofiber® media. Micron ratings range from 40um to sub-0.1 micron based on customer’s specific filtration needs. Plus, our in-house manufacturing capability means we can fill non-stock orders within four to eight weeks or expedite orders to meet your critical need.